How Do You Ship Your Product ?

I use Priority Mail with tracking.

Do You Ship World Wide? 

I only ship within the United States.

How Quickly Do You Ship Orders?

I make every attempt to only list current inventory. Consequently, orders ship within 3 business days of payment.  I will e-mail or call if I have any problems filling your order within this time  frame.

What is your Guarantee?

I always try and exceed your expectations.  I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What is Your Return Policy?

I offer a 30 day return policy. You need to contact me for a Return Authorization and Label!

How did you Select the Name of After Five Framing?

Back in 1979 when my wife and I started our business we both worked in the public school system.  We did all of our order taking and work after 5:00 PM. Hence, the name to save on advertising.  When when we grew into a full time business we decided to keep the name.