11x14 Mats for 8x10 Artwork

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I use the Excess Matboard from Custom Framing Orders to Cut Mats for my Website.

You are Receiving the Same Quality Mats at a Fraction of my Regular Retail Price!!

I have Grouped the Mats by Color Groups!

  • These Mats are Cut with an Outside Dimension of 11x14

  • These 11x14 Mats Fit 11x14 Frames (glass size determines frame sizes)

  • The Mats are Acid Free

  • The Mat Opening is slightly smaller than 8x10

  • 8x10 Photographs, Drawings, Paintings, Calligraphy, or other Pieces of Art Work are Suitable for use with these Mats.

  • The Mat Opening (window) is Cut on the Bevel.

  • This Mat Opening (window) has a White Bevel

  • The Mats are 1st Quality with Satisfaction Guaranteed!